Bar Moustache


Recently I had a lovely meeting at Bar Moustache…Stupid..I forgot to take pictures, but thats why I went back and can now report on this lovely little place.

The first time I visited, entering the cafe it was super busy, but still there was a nice little spot available, just behind the stairs. Perfect. After a while, we had to move to an even cozier spot because the wine supplier came over and we were literally  sitting on the door to their wine cellar. The little corner we headed to was perfect. The friendly staff try to give you a welcome feeling. Nice. Lets not forget about the food. We ordered the Bar Moustache fillet americain and some avocado on toast. Yummy.

So I went back last sunday, just to be able to report on this restaurant with some pictures. As I do believe a picture says it all. This time, the mini joined and as we were waiting for friends, we ordered some coffee. The mini wanted a coffee to, so they made her a babyccino. Nice! Once again, the service was great, nice sunday atmosphere, but super busy.
Avocado and toastFillet MoustacheHam and toast

Oh and apparently you can have nice diners there too. Fabio, the Italian chef is creating some magic on a plate here.

Lovely place, also kids friendly. Yes!

Bar Moustache
Utrechtsestraat 14,  1017 VM
T: 020 4281074

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