Xmas is around the corner

As xmas is around the corner, the main question during conversations is? What will you guys be doing during the holidays and ofcourse the second question is, “What are you eating”. Well I am not sure yet, I was busy decorating the house rather than thinking about the menu. OMG yes I did not think about food for a few days. But now the house is nice and cosy, so I am ready for that xmas “blizzard” that is coming our way. I have to say, it can drive me crazy all that planning about what, who and where. To me its more about being together and enjoying quality time than spending the whole day cooking all these complicated dishes where you never get to see the chef. So I guess I was lucky when the BF told me he was going to cook during xmas and he was keeping it simple. Score! So check, check double check, done.

This got me thinking, how can you guys keep it simple too? Lucky there are a number of initiatives going on here in the Netherlands so you don’t have to think about stuff. Also, it might be a nice inspiration just to see what meals they came up with.

One of our favorites is the Lindenhoff, in Baambrugge. They are a farm where you are welcomed during the weekends as a home cook to come and buy their great products. From Cheeses, meat, wines to vegetables. Basically too much to mention here. They also inspire during xmas time and have some nice recipes to give you a little help while ordering fro their site. They will deliver to your door step or you can pick it up yourself.

You can buy the Hello Fresh Kerstbox where they deliver the box 1 day before xmas and you can choose to order for 2,4,6 or 8 people. Think about Italian ravioli, some steak or salmon and top that with a superb wine also offered by them. oh and I spot a nice chocolate soufflé as dessert. Easy does it!

Or you can buy de Kerst krat from de Krat. They will deliver the krat on the 23d of December and this will have your complete set of ingredients to create a menu created by them. Depending on the number of people they charge accordingly. You can choose Fish & Meat, Fish or Vegetarian e.g. Smoked trout, Jugged hare, Sea bass,  Cheese platter and some nicely stuffed apples with Hangop (typical Dutch desert).

Each year, the Albert Heijn is taking it to another level with their AH Excellent selection for xmas. They even have a whole inspirational section on their website. They not only help out with dinner, but they have different sections to inspire for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Believe me, it doesn’t get easier than this!

I hope I helped out a little, I inspired some, but most of all I hope you will be having a great time with friends and family.

Happy holidays, xoxo